Design Work

Designs can be purchased alone or can be included in the total
project cost. Using the information provided by the customer we start the
drawing. Our drawings are done by hand. We are not against technology, it is
just that the hand drawn designs still work the best for us. Upon your approval
we go on to the next step.


Using the approved design, the crew gets started on the
benchwork. We construct the benchwork in individual table sizes so that when
breakdown time comes, the layout comes apart in easy to manage pieces.


Our crew is especially talented in this area. Just look at
our photos. Using proven techniques and natural
talent we develop the scene to customer specifics. Our mountains, valleys,
wooded areas and especially water scenes are so realistic!


We have come up with our own
unique design for control panels. From turntables to command
control and today’s electronics, we’ve done it all.


Because we have built the benchwork in individual tables, tear
down is a snap. We disassemble the layout and load it into a truck. The same
crew that built the layout will be delivering it so they know the layout from
design to existence. This makes the next step like clockwork.


The crew then reassembles the layout. They reconnect the wiring
and do any scenery touchup. When they leave, you have an operational complete
Cardiff original.

On-Site Work

A variety of on site services are available, Benchwork, Track, Scenery and Electrical, to name a few.

Layout Moving Service

If you have an existing layout, regardless if it was built by us, we are available
to help you move it. Whether that means disassembling and putting in storage or
setting it up in a new location.


Because our customer is the most important part of our
business, we offer a one year on site warranty. The crew that built your layout
will do regular service maintenance to ensure customer satisfaction.